Feel Good Friday…

By the time you read this post, it will already be 3 weeks old.  Ain’t technology grand?

We’re heading off for a much-needed family holiday tomorrow, so I’ve prepared a few blog posts for you over the past couple of days.  I’ve been working really hard to blog regularly, and didn’t want to lose momentum while we’re away.

Because my hair is so short (‘just like Papa’s’ apparently) it needs to be cut fairly often. Armed with my kindle I headed off to the hairdresser this morning.  I passed this little gem in their hallway.  I actually snorted… with a mouthful of coffee no less.  Oops. But, seriously?  I felt like I was in the wrong movie.

Proceed with caution...
Proceed with caution…

It made my day.  And yes, I went ahead with my cut anyway, and it was just fine!  Happy Feel Good Friday everybody, I hope you had a good giggle today, if not a full-on snort!  Let me know what made your day, Coralie XoXo

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